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Barnwood Carpentry is made up of a highly skilled team of carpenters with traditional framing skills and the ability to work with a wide spectrum of materials, tools and designs, using both traditional craftsmanship and modern machinery.

We are proud to be part of the continuation of the centuries-old tradition of oak framing. This form of construction has a particularly strong heritage in the South East of England.


From hardwood to softwood, cladding is used for a variety of reasons such as to protect a building's structure from natural elements and to enhance the overall aesthetic of a property.  It can also provide additional insulation and noise control.


We provide a wide range of home and storage solutions for the home, from built-in wardrobes and floating shelving to shoe storage and room dividers.


In 2018, Barnwood Carpentry became a preferred supplier to Surrey County Council to maintain, repair and rebuild the many timber-framed footbridges that SCC has responsibility for.

In April 2018, our renovation of Boarden Bridge, Godalming, was awarded the Civic Design Award for Environmental Improvement 2018. 

Barnwood has rebuilt and refurbished over 30 bridges throughout Surrey.


Installing a decked area is an attractive and practical addition to any garden.  It requires little maintenance and is great for increasing accessibility.  Covered decked areas can greatly extend your enjoyment of the garden, even when the British weather is so changeable. 



Many homeowners are keen to extend their living and ancillary storage space by means of conservatories, carports and canopies attached to or nearby to their homes. We look at the available space, design and build attractive, simple and flexible solutions.


We make, source, supply and fit beautiful, made-to-measure, handmade gates and doors in a variety of styles to suit your needs. 


Many gardens offer the opportunity to add a beautiful feature that also increases a family’s living space. Barnwood offers a large range of garden services such as pergolas and landscaping, seating areas, screens and steps, that have greatly benefited many clients.​

Porches are an attractive and practical addition to your home, whether to provide shelter to visitors, or to create an enclosed space to store coats and shoes.


Barnwood offer a full cut roofing service. We have considerable experience in working with all available tiling materials, both new and reclaimed.  We have established relationships with local reclamation yards if a match of materials is required.


From rural steps in the countryside to internal and external staircases, Barnwood Carpentry offers the experience and knowledge to construct, adapt or renovate to your requirements.

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